Oncology and precision diagnostics

Visit us at the 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting and find out why QIAGEN is the leading provider of molecular companion diagnostic solutions

Personalized approaches to patient treatment are revolutionizing cancer care. However, ensuring that your targeted therapies reach the right patient for the best possible outcomes requires precision diagnostics to partner with your precision medicines.

Our Oncology and Precision Diagnostics (OPDx) team work closely with pharma and CLIA laboratory partners to facilitate accelerated patient access to new treatments. We achieve this by ensuring companion diagnostic testing readiness in each country or region through our regulatory expertise, established expert testing networks, and by aligning communication to all clinical stakeholders. With our global reach for companion diagnostic test commercialization, and proven track-record of success, we are well-positioned and capable of commercializing any diagnostic test, wherever in the world our pharma partner needs it to be sold.

Meet the QIAGEN OPDx team at booth #5113 to learn more about our state of the art immuno-oncology collaborations. Chat with our team and find out how our NGS, gene expression analysis and targeted mutation detection companion diagnostic expertise can help you deliver a next generation of precision medicines to your patients.

Visit us at the 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting, Booth #5113

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